Peach Problems 🤦‍♀️

What is wrong with my peaches? They all seem to have this clear jellylike substance and brown spots in the middle. What can I do to salvage this tree’s harvest?? Please help.
Old peach tree with a new peach gardener

Peach twig borer .
Gives the impression from the images of damage caused by anarsia lineatella.



Plum curcilio maybe?

Thank you, so helpful! What will help with this, is there a product you recommend?

I do agree with Vault22dweller, in the United States this type of damage to peach is normally produced by Plum Curculio (in Europe there is hardly any presence of this gorgogo).

Look at this photo, and it is the external damage in peach produced by plum curculio

In Europe the recommendation is to do several treatments with insecticide “Phosmet” from the fall of petals.
But there is a lot of literature on the treatment of plum curculio in the United States, so you should consult.

I am looking and also in the United States Phosmet insecticide is recommended against Plum Curculio.

read this article

Good luck to you, since it is a very bastard bug.



Too late for those. Next year follow a home orchard spray schedule. The first three sprays post bloom are the most important to catch insects that do most of the damage.

It could be Oriental Fruit moth as well.

Here are common peach pests in your area.

Peach, Cherry, Plum, and Nectarine Insect Pests | University of Maryland Extension.

If all your peaches have oozing, it is too late. If only some show injury (oozing is a sign of injury), you could try to protect the good peaches with spray chemical.

The easier chemicals to find in store are Triazicide by Spectracide or the new Sevin with zeta cypermethrin.

Or you can chalk this up as a loss and learn about peach pests (several of them) and diseases so you will be better prepared next year.


Thank you all so much. This is very helpful.

It is only on some of the larger sized peaches, would fruit bags help with this?
I am ordering pesticide as well.


If you can get bags on peaches that are not yet damaged they will be usable.

Technically, you should spray fungicide (and pesticide) before bagging to prevent brown rot in the bags. However, if this is your first year having fruit, brown rot may not set in yet. It takes about 3-5 years for brown rot to show up on peaches.

The only bags for peaches I use are Clemson fruit bags. Order directly from Clemson U.

looks like OFM to me. Triazicide was our solution with 95% clean fruit. But we have to spray every 10-14 days. Rain resets the clock!

Most likely this years crop is gone, the oozing just hasn’t started yet. A real bummer for sure.