Peach progress in Maine

Despite a very wet and cold spring so far…there are still plenty of viable peach buds on our trees. I’ve been pruning over the last couple of weeks and took a few pictures this evening…

Bud pics in order…Reliance…Contender…Red Haven.


looks great!

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Looks nice. Did you get yer new trees in the ground yet?

I guess now you have more Contender’s than any other peach?

I was curious as to what amount of fruit you get from each tree. I know there’s different age and variety of trees, but was wondering ballpark per tree.

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It’s been a bit of a struggle to plant everything due to weather and unforseen circumstances. I still have most of the Contender trees sitting in moist mulch ready to be planted over the next few days.

Contender represent about 50% of our trees…25% Reliance and 25% Red Haven. Red Haven are still too young to truly gauge their production but Reliance have been very heavy producers in the years that we have had peaches. Contender seems to be a bit less productive in terms of number of viable fruit per tree and new branch growth. Peach leaf curl seems to have equal effect on both but Reliance did better at “outgrowing” last summers infection.

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Nice looking orchard. Don’t know how you keep your row middles looking so beautiful. Just curious, what is your spacing?

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WOW!!! What a nice set-up. I bet it’s a veritable post-card when they’re all blossomed out. Very cool!

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Thanks. What would you say is the tastiest of the three? The least?

When you say the Contender peaches tend to be less viable, does that mean less attractive to a buyer, but still edible? I guess what I’m asking would they still be passable for a backyard grower? I ask because I have a Redhaven and Contender tree.

Thanks! Spacing is 15 feet between trees and 20 feet between rows. I’m blessed with plenty of land so I tend to allow for more room.


They all taste great…Red Haven is my favorite. So far Contender doesn’t produce as much fruit as Reliance but still plenty…less thinning! Reliance has a somewhat unique flavor for a peach…hard to describe.