Peach Pruning and Management Seminar in NC

Monday Jan 27 from 1PM-4PM with Mike Parker on Winblo Road in Jackson Springs NC

Good seminar on peaches if you are close to central NC. Conducted by same person who created the outstanding peach tree pruning demos on YouTube.

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What do they usually cover in the seminar? I assume it is geared to commercial growers?

Are you referring to Dr. Michael Parker? He still has the gold standard for peach pruning YouTube videos after all these years. His presentation skills, visuals and explanations are top notch.


Normally planting, pruning, fertilizing and irrigation. The audience is split between commercial and backyard growers.


Yep, Dr Mike Parker. I agree completely about his top notch skills and I try to attend all of his seminars. He also does apples and nut trees.

He did some Apple and Peach pruning demonstrations at my farm a few years ago and we had a big crowd.

I don’t see anyway to register - do you just show up?

I believe they had a registration tab on the site in the past

Any chance a portion of it might be videotaped? Sounds like a great opportunity.

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Unless they taped it last year they may not have it this year :man_shrugging::wink:

Would be good if it was recored from last years though :+1:

The sessions from 2020 were not recorded but the older video on peach tree pruning are still on you tube. Pruning a Two-Year Old Peach Tree - YouTube

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If you ever taped Parker’s demonstration on your farm, I would love to see that.

I read somewhere that Mike Parker had a terrible accident and fell off a pruning platform. Something like a couple years ago, give or take. It sounds like he’s recovered somewhat. That’s good to know.

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He did pruning demos for Apples and Peaches here several years ago . We had a big turn out for the event but we never thought about taping it. I have watched his You Tube peach pruning videos dozens of times and normally watch the video on pruning older trees each year one time before I start pruning.

Unfortunately he was seriously injured in 2018 like you mentioned when a pruning platform collapsed. I believe he was pruning Pecan trees at the time.

I had a chance to see some trials he was doing on alternatives to open center pruning on peaches at the research farm last year. The trees were much taller than the open center trees so ladders were required for picking. It also looked like it was difficult to get the branches to grow in proper places. I did not see a lot of enthusiasm from the other growers for the alternate pruning methods


Thanks @blueberrythrill

Not related to Mike or NC but in case anyone was looking for a different presentation style of peach pruning. More of an overview of different styles and ideas to concentrate on during pruning.