Peach pruning

All these lateral branches are new wood which will make fruit next year. They seem to be kind of close to each other. Would you cut some of them back to the main stem to leave more space between the branches?

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Picture a fruit hanging near the end of them.That’s what I do.Then shorten them so they can support the weight.
Also,branches that will be shading or shaded by others,can be removed.


I agree with the shortening, I shortened a bunch of the really long ones.

What do you think about the distance between the branches? Even if they don’t shade each other, should they be spaced out to allow more air flow?

you don’t want peaches touch each other, so again, imaging the peaches on them and see if they have enough space to grow. It is difficult to see on the picture if branches go same directions or on angle, so I can’t give you exact advise. But in general, less peaches you have on the tree, bigger and sweeter they are. So pruning depend on your goal. I personally prune for more peaches, so only make sure they do not touch each other.

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There’s a saying about being able to throw a cat through…I think, then, that every other branch could come off…of course, you could always prune up until the summer solstice–Wait and see which are producers. Winter pruning spurs growth–no pun intended, while summer pruning helps to manage overall size.

As an aside, the tree looks like it’s had some severe mechanical damage on the shoots. Either that, or there are some pretty substantial canker issues. Is it possible you had some periodical cicadas this summer?

On the pruning, one thing I would suggest is removing the upright growth. Pictures can be deceiving, but the pics make it look like there is some upright growth. If that’s the case, I’d prune that off during the early part of the growing season.


There is severe damage caused by the worst hail storm we’ve ever had.

It caused millions of dollars in damage to cars, roofs, etc.I just hope the trees can recover.

I had just planted 4 new peach trees this Spring and a couple only have scaffolds on one side because several were completely ripped off


This helped me.


I like that pic

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