Peach seedling not winter dormant

This Henry II seedling was cut back to use as root stock but I didn’t do a graft and it re-sprouted late summer. It’s now January13 and the temperatures have been down to 13F more then once but it still hasn’t gone dormant. Friday and Saturday will be 11 and 10 and I’ll see if it stays green.


You have a hardy peach evidently.

My Grimes Golden apple in bloom didn’t like the 7 F the other night…
leaves and blossom petals are brown. (Although I have a red fleshed apple that has couple little burgundy leaves hanging in there that aren’t damaged).

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8F last night and peach still ok. I’ll see how it looks in a few days.

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Jan, 19 th. Three days ago it was 8f. Several other days in Jan where 10f. A few leaves are damaged but most look ok. Ground is frozen.

I have a loganberry prop that I started late summer… buried about a foot of the cane and left the tip out… it grew 6 ft tall and is refusing to loose its leaves… seems determined to grow more… we have had several nights now in the low to mid 20s.

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Jan 24th checkup. 10 days 20f or lower, 1 day 10f, 1 day 8f. Peach tree not looking perfect put still not dormant.

23 here last night…loganberry prop still looking good. The tip end anyway.

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February 8th. We had snow and a low of 4f. Snow may have protected but there was no snow when it was 8f and 6f.


These little leaves made it to March 1 even with multiple temperatures below 10F. 80% of the leaves died but not all of them.

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