Peach seeds per lb?

About how many peach seeds per pound? I have found people with peach seeds, both Nemaguard and I think Halford. I had a terrible time with deer, not sure what survived and want to get these before I can’t. I don’t want to have nothing if I need to start seed this spring.

I’d personally rather have Prunus rootstock scions than seed.

So would I, but I’ll take what I can. I also need it cheap if I need lots.

I like inexpensive but I won’t do cheap. What if you preserve your fruitstock by rooting them and buy real rootstock when it’s available?

I don’t know if any of my grafted fruitstock survived. Nor if rootstock did. So I can put seeds in much-better-fenced-area, don’t think I can find or afford rootstock right now.
I am going into surgery in May, maybe June, so I’m buying furniture that will work for that, not fruit. I’d rather have fruit, really. At least I may lose only one year, not more.

I think seed is fine stock for peaches, most commercial peach trees are still on one of the seedling stocks so it can’t be too bad.

My wild guess would be 20-40 seeds would be a pound. Unshelled I assume…

Thanks- that’s what I needed. So different than my usual seed count, I have no idea with the weight of shells. Yes they are likely to be purchased unshelled, shelled is usually for Asian medicine and I am unsure if they would even sprout. I know I looked for Lovell or Halford before, they are commerically used.

Yes, typical weight of a peach seed is 1/3 to 2/3 oz, which is consistent with your numbers. Halford is a relatively small peach, so it would likely be closer to 30-40 seeds per pound.

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90-150 seeds per lb?

Those must be shelled…

Must be

Awesome to keep info though. Where is image from?

Sheffield seeds. I’ve never used them so not a recommendation

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Also, beware that the links say that the seeds are from 2020 and 2021. They could be viable, but I would prefer fresh seed.

They carry some other interesting fruit tree seeds, like alleged Morus nigra (2020 harvest from Hungary) and loquat (2022 harvest from CA), at pretty reasonable rates. Tempting!

Ive ordered from them, including peach seeds (didnt like the winter). I know i got a row of something from them that ill be using as rootstock in spring (I cant remember which seeds were from where, but it was one or more of the following: Bartlett, antonovka, myro, mahaleb). Peach seeds were in shells, all of the seeds needed stratification. Id order from them again.

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I’ve used Sheffield’s, and they’re generally pretty good. They don’t typically sell seed that’s no longer available, so they’re probably OK. My concern is they would be so late by the time they’re stratified, will they still get a good growing season?

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I wonder if they have been stored in cold storage for all this time. I would bet that they have cold stratified plenty. It’s hard to imagine that they would keep their viability if they aren’t being kept in cold storage

Seeds can’t stratify if they’re not moist/imbibed, unless they’re like oaks which are recalcitrant seeds, which can’t be allowed to dry out. Maybe peaches are like that too?