Peach source

Does anyone know who has Intrepid, Carolina gold and China Pearl available. The Tennessee nurseries I have tried have no stock.

CVN has carried China Pearl in the past.

Either CVN or Vaughn’s has carried Carolina Gold in the past. I can’t remember which one.

Vaughn’s new offerings just got recently posted. Did you try them?

I called Vaughn’s earlier and they said they had none of the varieties, but I see they now offer the China Pearl.

I just looked again. Last year, CVN (Cumberland Valley Nursery aka offered all 3 of the varieties you mention:

Their 2016 peaches will probably be open for business any day now. You might consider calling them on the phone.

Stark has Intrepid. I planted one this spring, no fruit yet. Is Intrepid good for fresh eating?

I got some North Carolina peaches Intrepid and Challenger last year from Fruit Tree Farm. Trees were small, which is how I prefer them anyway.

Ztom, as I’m sure you are aware, Intrepid was bred primarily for frost tolerance. I’ve not tasted any Intrepid, but the patent info. lists the eating quality as excellent. They list brix as 13.9, which is pretty good for a peach picked commercially for shipping (generally how they test brix).

Fruit Tree Farms and Cumberland Valley are the same place, Their website has the 2016 plant list posted but they are sold out of all peaches. I contacted them about a month ago and they said there was a seed germination failure… Always next year.