Peach thinning details

My 2nd year Rising Star peach had lots of blooms, but only set a few fruit… just finding a single peach or two on the various shoots here and there. I was planning on thinning it pretty heavy since this is it’s first year to bloom and fruit, so no big deal. It seemed to thin itself a little more than I would have, but I will be happy just to get to try a few of those. Perhaps they will get extra big and no critters or other pest will get to them before I do (right dreaming). I am going to bag some and see if that helps.

My other two older trees are loaded with fruit.

My next 3 nights are supposed to be somewhere between 35-39 degrees per local stations so hopefully that will not hurt. Going to cover my Fig, and bring my tomato starts in the garage just to make sure they are safe.

The peaches on my Reliance ? many are in the 3/4" size now and I have started thinning it. Worked on it some today on my lunch hour.

It it a excessive fruiter… I mean one little 12" shoot will have 14 peaches on it. They come out in all directions, up, down, side ways, doubles, triples, I have even seen a few peaches on it that were (double peaches)… you know like Siamese twins, joined at the hip, but with two tips.

Today as I was thinning I was wondering if there are any advantages to exactly how you thin ???

For example if you have a 12" long shoot and you are thinning to 1 every 12 inches…

Is it better to leave a nice one near the tip, or nearer to the base of the shoot ? or perhaps just leave one in the middle ? or just which ever little peach looks the best on that shoot ?

Also… is it better to leave one that is pointing up (perhaps getting more sun) than one pointing down getting more shade.

Are there any fine tuning tips to peach thinning that I need to know ?

Last year I thinned to 5-6" after watching a DW Nursery video that suggested that… and well after I thinned, hard frost, lost all my peaches :frowning:

I have heard from some here to go more like 8-12" to get larger better quality fruit… going to try that this year, and perhaps this time I will actually get to eat some of them.

On a small shoot, say 12-14 inch… it seems to me like it might be better to leave one near the base, rather than one near the tip. Lower on the shoot just seems like a safer place to be to me.

What do you all recommend ?




I would leave 2 toward the middle facing in opposite directions if possible. I always leave too many…but have noticed that the ones toward the middle tend to grow to maturity the best. The ones near the tip never do as well and always seem to be the ones with the most insect damage.


Thank you @mainorchard

After work… I put down fresh mulch on my food forest bed… got about 1/2 of it done…

May thin more on the peaches tomorrow.


I have all of the same questions!

Thinning is a continual process, because the tree doesn’t set fruit all at once. I thin my trees every couple of days for weeks, until fruit stops forming. I always miss some things and regret not thinning enough.


I always leave extra peaches for the bugs. I inevitably miss PC or other damage. Later on when I notice the damage…I pick them off and I’m happy that I left 1 or 2 extra fruitlets on this branches. I usually do my first thinning when the largest fruitlets are nickel sized.

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My peaches are 3/4 inch long now… some longer.

All blooms are spent and either have small fruit set… or just spent dried up blooms.

I thin once… there will be no more fruit set.

Perhaps some peach trees on some locations set fruit over a longer period… but that is not the case for me.

When I have lots of 3/4 inch fruit on… the rest are done.


So many variables.
I’d ask the nearest local commercial Peach growers for thinning advice.