Peach tree Borer Activity - Mid Atlantic Region

Just a heads up - I found one peach tree borer larvae in a wound today on a tree and saw one flying around my trees. I had a bad infestation last year, I will be spraying my trees tomorrow. I am in the central Virginia area, Piedmont region. I have been weed eating my trees over the past week and I have seen no other damage so far.


Thanks for the reminder! :+1:


Don’t forget to also spray your nectarines and plums. Borers
attack them too.

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Dug out a Peach Tree borer today. It was deep, below the soil.


Found a borer hole with frass and finally got out to deal with it. Only tunnel went straight down (?) i dug and poked around all the tunnel walls and down to the base of it -about 2.25 inches. Never dug out a bug but end of the wire got shiny any gunky tho. What are the odds that i got it?
Never thought a tunnel would go downwards

Sounds like you got it … the tunnels usually go down in the winter, it is warmer down there.


Awesome! Thank u Scott!

I hate the buggers.
This is actually my first borer.