Peach tree critters


Can anybody tell me if this is from squirrels, birds or insects and how I can prevent it?


Not exactly sure but maybe even bird damage

I see some double grooved lines which resemble work of rodent incisors. It could have bitten thorough the middle and pulled the flesh off the fruit which would explain why the edges are more clean.

Definitely a rodent. Could be a squirrel, but also possible rats or mice.

I do have a lot of squirrel activity in the yard. There are a few nest in the trees and a family living in my shed. They just had babies and one poor little guy didn’t make it. Not sure what happened to him. My main nemesis are groundhogs but I’m thinking the bites are too small for a groundhog. My wife will freak out if it’s from Rat’s or Mice…

I don’t think it’s a groundhog. As you said, way too big. I imagine their incisors are half the size of fruit.