Peach tree Crown rot?

While pulling weeds around one of our Red Havens, I was shocked to see 3/4 of the trunk looked bad. Up to this spring there was garden fabric and hardware cloth wrapped around to keep critters away. There is no oozing.

The tree produced a lot of perfect peaches this year, maybe 200 fruits. The tree was very vigorous as usual and the top looks healthy.

will this kill it?

Could that be the graft union?

Look to me like an animal ate a chunk of the bark. Since the area was covered by mulch and low to the ground, I think the work of a vole.

The tree has tried to heal the wound.


It’s about the right height for the graph, but the trunk is 6 in dia.

The garden fabric I pulled off had what look like mouse tunnels under it.

The wound is not fresh.