Peach tree diagnosis

Anyone recognize what is going on at the end of the branches of this peach tree??

Flagging shoots from oriental fruit moth.

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Hello welcome. @millpondfarm

The very end of the branch is dark but very blurry. Did something take a bite off of it?

Thanks for the feedback — it’s oriental fruit moth! I will order the traps. So great to have found this forum :))


You will have to spray to kill the OFM. I have very few fruits but I’m spraying so they don’t set up shop.

A trap is usually used for finding out when they arrive and when you should start spraying.

I am surprised that they arrived to you already. Have you seen any flagging shoots of your peach tips?

There is a mating disruption approach but if you only have a peach tree or two, I don’t know if you want to invest.