Peach tree first timer

Hello this is my peach tree. I think I need to prune it? And do something about it growing only on one side? I need any help you can offer. Thank you



Remove the grass from around your tree at least 3 feet/0.9144 Meter ,radius

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First of all,welcome to the community Jeffrey,
Okay,Peach trees are usually trained to grow in a vase or goblet shape,called open center.
Yours,in the picture,is now more like a central leader,where there is a a main trunk,with branches coming off as the tree grows.
It’s alright to grow them this way,but for better air circulation and light exposure,the other way is preferred.
That means some of the top needs to be cut off.I have an idea,if the tree were mine,but everybody’s different.



It might be helpfull if you talk a bit about where you are (hows your climate for peach growing) and what do you want.

Do you want a short lived tree that you neglect but gives fruit for a number of years before it slowly dies. (can be a valid strategy if you expect to move soon. or don’t have the time/motivation to learn how to prune)

Do you want a specific shape for eye apeal? Do you mind using a lader to prune and pick fruit. Or do you want to be able to reach it by hand?

im my climate peaches are harder/prone to disease. And thus usualy shorter lived. So lots of people treat them as short lived expandable tree’s. And thus prune more for short term fruits than long term framework.

espaliering a peach here seems feutile. But im gonna try it anyway because im stubborn :wink:

But if your climate for peaches is great you might have different choices.

Depending on how much room you have typically a peach tree is grown with 2 to 4 main branches although a single central trunk can also be done.

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Welcome Jeffrey!

Lots of good advice here as well as lots of material available for research.

I agree with the recommendation to clear the grass away from the trunk.

Additionally, is your tree a newly planted tree? (It kind of looks like it to me) If so, I would let it grow for a year to get established before I did anything at all to it. This will not only give the tree some time to get established, but give you some time to gather information and put a plan together for next year that you can be comfortable with.

Best of luck with your peach tree!

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Welcome @CluelessGrower. This is a fantastic place to get information on your new endeavor. We look forward to hearing from you!

Agree. First year with a tree that has already broken dormancy just get it growing as much as you can.

Don’t be discouraging when you receive varying and different opinions here. It is quite common.

Like some have said above, you need to decide what shape of this peach tree you want to grow. The common practice is an open center like @danzeb suggested. I vote for that, too.

Unlike other fruit trees, my experience with peaches is that the sooner you prune to shape the tree, the better for your trees. I have had peach and nectarine trees that got out of hand because I was hesitant to prune them the first year in ground. They grew like weeds.

If it were my tree, I would choose 3 main branches that are similar in size, grow in opposite directions and at least 8” apart (vertically). I would remove the rest including some with flowers.

You are doing this as a long term investment for your tree. This is a good time to shape a peach tree, at planting and during bloom.

Peach roots are shallow and don’t like to compete with grass. Removing grass to 3-4’ diameter like others suggested will help you tree flourish.

Good luck.

Peach trees
Like grapes
Need severe pruning
Save the strongest
Healthiest one year old wood
Favor the shoots closest to the main trunk
Peaches tend to get spread way out with a blind center.
They also need more Nitrogen than Apples.
Keep the sod
At least 4 feet away from the main trunk.
I typically remove about 50% of the branches on a neglected tree.
I also remove
any weak
One year old shoot ( under 5 inches).

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