Peach Tree Fungus/Remove Tree?

Hi all, I am a hobby grower. One peach tree is a different variety from the others I can’t remember which) and every year, it struggles with disease (mold) and insects more than the others. Should I keep trying, or just remove the tree from the group?

Can you post pics? What kind of mold on that tree?
Often, a removal of disease-susceptible a fruit tree is a good move. However, it would be good if you could give us more details.

What are other fruit trees you have? Are they all peaches? Do you know their varieties?
What kind of insects that damage your fruit trees?
Do you spray? If you do, what donyou spray?

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I’ll get some pics and post. I believe it’s just common brown rot fungus/mold. Also, this year, for the first time, Japanese beetles are attacking the fruit, which has never happened before. I don’t know the variety of the disease-prone tree, but the other varieties are Hale peaches. (Hale Haven and JH Hale) I’m puzzled as to why I spray all the peaches with the same chemicals/on the same schedule and only this one goes down in fungal flames every year. (I have tried multiple fungus sprays, getting advice from this site, and begin in winter.)
Thank you SO much for your input!

Where are you located. Some peach varieties are more resistant to fungal diseases while others are more susceptible.

What fungicide do you use? Brown rot spray should be use at a fruit set stage and a nearing the harvesting time. Other spray esp. in the winter is for other purposes.

Please give more details and post pics. Several of us will be happy to help.


So there’s a picture of the fungus. I thinned the peaches earlier this year, and have a very few good ones on this tree. Most look like this–but no on the Hale variety trees I have. I used a fungicide called Daconil with chlorathalinol but to no avail. I assume I will just cut the whole tree down since the other trees don’t struggle like this one.
Any suggestions on using a different fungicide? THANK YOU! I really appreciate the help.

It does look like brown rot. My guess is this peach tree is more disease prone than the Hale series.

I don’t know if you know this but chlorothalonil (Daconil) is not to be sprayed on peaches after a shuck split stage. That’s chemical is good for fungal disease early in the growing season.

There are other good fungicides for brown rot such as Indar and Luna Sensation. Those are very expensive. For small backyard growers, I suggest Bonide Infuse (propiconazole). It is pretty effective, easy to find and a lot cheaper.

It is up to you if you want to remove this “problem” tree. Sometimes, it is a better decision than trying to fix it with more sprays.

Thank you!!