Peach tree growth stage report ahead of the big freeze (3/2019)

Always a popular topic this time of year, here is the current condition of the buds of my 10 peach trees ahead of projected temps in the low 20s for my area the next few days:

Variety: Bloom Stage:

Redskin: 3/4 buds at full bloom
O’Henry: 1/2 to 3/4 buds at full bloom
Autumn Prince: 1/2 buds at bloom
Windblo: 1/4 buds at full bloom
Glenglow: 1/4 buds at full bloom
Clayton: Pink
Old Mixon Free: 1/4" green to pink
Challenger: 1/4" green to pink
TangOs -NJF16: swollen bud to 1/4" green
Contender: swollen bud to 1/4: green

Comments: The Tango was transplanted a month ago which probably slowed down the bud development. These results are consistent with results from last years thread on the topic: March 2018 peach growth stage thread

In last years thread I commented that O’Henry produced one of my best crops in 2017 even though it was at close to full bloom when the freeze hit, same results for 2018.


I’m up in MD - zone 6b/7a, and we are still dormant here…our lows may hit the low teens, but it won’t matter yet.