Peach tree growth

As I was pruning today and came across some trees which showed a good picture of growth here. I thought it interesting as I came across these three trees next to each other. I have about 10 TangOs I, but these 3 are different ages.

I took pics of all of them and went back and took a closeup of the trunk. The white thing next to the trunk is about 14" long. I put it there for reference.

I’ve found TangOs is a vigorous tree, which has a more vertical growth. I think it grows more vertical because the fruit load doesn’t seem to pull the branches down as much.

The littlest tree has had 2 growing seasons, the next larger tree has 4 growing seasons and the biggest has 6 growing seasons.

Please don’t be too hard on my pruning. I’ve just been running through these pretty quick to get the main stuff. I plan to go back in the spring to clean things up.

2 yr. tree

4 yr. tree

6 yr. tree


Mark, let’s just say that your pruning is a lot better than mine!

I do love that corkscrew thing that stone fruit seem so willing to do- I had a prune plum that went every which way but always worked its way back to up, and with help, to center.

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It’s a LOT better than mine too! I’m embarrassed to post pictures
of mine compared to yours.

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I wish most of my peach trees would grow half the size of your trees. I have one tree that might match your 4 year old but the rest easily 70% less the size of your 2 year old. Beautiful trees!

Thanks Spud,

I think it’s the only place in the orchard where I have one variety of three trees next to each other, which are each 2 years apart. I thought it was kind of cool when realized it.

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Some pics of my trees … and lack of growth.

This is my best tree as far as growth goes - a 3 year old Elberta (planted 2015 Walmart).

This a 2 year old Coralstar (planted 2016 Cummins).

This a 2 year old Red Haven (2016 Cummins). Very little growth the first year. This year I fertilized it through July to get what little growth it has.

This is a year old Crimson Rocket (2017 ACN Nursery). It is growing well like a rocket. I have no idea how I am supposed to trim a columnar peach.

And my Elegant Lady from VanWell, 2017. It has grown well (by my standards).




Imo, those trees are doing very well (except for the Redhaven). Nice management too (weed control, animal fencing, raised plantings). Looks like you are on top of things! If you haven’t yet, I bet you’ll be soon picking lots of peaches off those trees. Just don’t let them get too tall.


Thanks Olpea! :slight_smile:

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nice looking peach trees.


That looks great for anyone with limited space. Has anyone tasted Crimson Rocket?

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Wow, your trees look very nice compared to my runts. I also have a Coralstar and Redhaven from Cummins, planted last year. The RH is only 3ft tall and the CS is 4ft. I didn’t fertilize them last year, but did this year, and they did better, but not as nice as yours. That Walmart tree looks great. Congrats.


Thanks Subdood and Jeremy!