Peach Tree Gummosis

Hi everyone! I would like to ask for your help on my peach and nectarine trees’ gummosis issue.

I have one peach tree and one nectarine tree. They were planted last year. Today I noticed sap coming out of the wounded/cracked areas on their trunks. There isn’t a lot of sap. However, I am worried about their health of the trees and I am unsure what is causing it.

I will show you using pictures I took today

First is the peach tree:

It has a little bit of sap inside a structure which I think is the site where a branch was pruned. The site is on the main trunk.

The remaining pictures are from the nectarine tree, which has more sites of gummosis.

This picture above is the graft union. Earlier this year I noticed that the graft union had some “skin-peeling.” I’m not sure of the reason. Both tree trunks are protected by wire fencing so rabbit can’t chew on it. On this picture you can see two sites showing gummosis, one on the left one on the right. Further to the right and above you can see the peeling of the bark that dates back to this winter/spring time.

These two pictures above show the other two sites of gummosis on the same nectarine tree. They are both on the trunk of the tree.

Finally, these two pictures above show some cracking of the bark on the trunk of the nectarine tree.

So far I have only spotted some ants going up and down the trunk. I do not know what caused these cracks and why the sap is flowing out.

Thanks in advance!

What’s the blue and red paint for? Usually gummosis is a sign of stress caused by too much rain and should heal by itself

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The paints are there from the seller. It hasn’t rained for a long time but I did recently water the tree.

That is nothing. I have peaches with 10x as much gummosis which are still producing over 20 years later. If you get a lot it will set back the tree growth some.


I see fissures like this on multiple prunus trees as well. Since the trees I see them on are all vigorous and healthy (AFAIK), I think it’s just from normal growth. …like stretchmarks on skin. You can see the fissures are vertical as well which is how you’d expect it to be given the tension is perpendicular to the fissure.


I suppose this is as good as any to ask this one. Is this also Peach Gummosis and not another issue to be taking mind of? It’s been doing this for the better part of the summer.

This one looks a lot worse than mine… It does look like gummosis…

Does anybody have suggestions for this tree?

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