Peach tree help (disease, mineral deficient?)

My aunts peach tree has always looked bad. I hit it with cooper and dormant oil before it woke up to try to head off the problem. I will hit it with captan and imidan for rose bugs soon. Any idea what makes this teee do this every year?

Lots of good fruit set again but im sure this aint helping…

Do a search here for peach leaf curl. You should find a great deal of information.

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Yeah, that’s leaf curl.

I know you didn’t ask about this, but your peach tree looks a little lanky. A lot of times that’s due to too much water and/or sod growing next to the tree.

I can’t tell a lot from the picture, but it looks like there are some rough crotch angles on the second pic. Most of the time you’ll want to plan for heavy crop loads (at the expense of early crops) which those branches don’t look like they will take.

There you are with more advice than you ever asked for (or probably wanted). You can keep the change, lol. Btw, these are all mistakes I’ve made, including the most pressing problem - leaf curl.

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No i appreciate the advice guys! This tree isnt mine and it might be older than i am. Just trying to help her out getting some clean peaches. Not sure how to fix the tree other than if i can spray since its in her sand hole yard.

You need to use a stronger copper like Kocide. the liquid coppers will knock it down, but probably will not eliminate it. Kocide should. A good sticker I think is better than oil for leaf curl. A pinene based sticker like Nu Film.

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Next year though i would assume…


Yes, it needs to be while dormant. You could do one late fall, and another early spring.
I like to mix it up. I use Lime-sulfur in oil in late fall. Besides being anti-fungal. This mix kills many insect eggs. Lime sulfur is hard to get these days, I stockpiled before the cutoff.
And late winter I do the copper. Kocide has a property that makes available copper more effective, and it also has about 4 times more copper.
Kocide with a pinene sticker, 2 weeks after application, and it rained at least once.

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