Peach Tree Help

Planted this peach tree a couple months ago it was doing good until a couple weeks ago when i noticed some yellowing leaves with some dropping anyone have any ideas on how to save this little guy?

Need more info.

Where do you live? Potted tree or bare root? What kind of soil? Rain or watering frequency? Spray with anything?

Can you post a pic of the whole tree?

The more you provide info, the better people could help you with.

your right i should of posted more info I live in upstate SC the soil is mostly clay all though i did amend it with compost and peat when planting the tree was planted in the ground about 2 month ago it was bought for me as a gift it was a bare stock in a bag when i got it and started out strong but a week or 2 ago I noticed it starting to look bad the leaves just started looking kinda limp and now this is how it looks it rained quite a bit last week so i have cut back on the watering and nothing has been sprayed on it unfortunately it is dark out now so I will post a full tree picture in the morning

This tree looks like it has drowned .
And that you have clay soil, and lots of rain, adds to my hunch .
Clay can be a challenge
Digging a hole in it and filling with organic matter can create a pond ,
That will not drain,
Organic amendments in the top few inches seams good for clay
Planting on a small mound may help
As may a drain.
This tree may be not long for this world. ? ( I hate to say,)
But maybe survive?
I wish you …and your tree well
And welcome aboard !


Hillbilly has made a good point.

Looks like something has happened to the roots. Let’s see pictures of the whole tree and the ground/ soil tomorrow.

Yeah it’s not suggested to amend soil with trees. You created a swimming pool. When the soil structure changes, the water stops flowing where the texture changes. Putting rocks in the bottom of pots to increase drainage actually stops drainage. Some clay is so bad you do need to amend it anyway. Mounding would have helped as gravity would help break the surface tension. Best to always mound trees. Most of us did the same things when we started. Do not fertilize either this year. Start next year if it makes it. You can mulch with compost to make sure it has the essentials, but no more than that.

Here are some more photos would it be worth digging it up and trying to mound it now? Also should I prune back the dead branches are is it just a lost cause !

Does not look as bad in that photo.
That soil looks dry ?
Is it wet , or dry 8" down ?

This is about 3-5 inches down

This is 7-12

3-5 was damp but wouldn’t clump 7-12 wet and clumped

I would definitely do a 3x3ft or 4x4ft raised bed. Build it out of 2x4s or any scrap lumber if you have it, fill with a garden soil, then plant a big high in that. Make sure to mulch with some pine bark or any kind of wood chips IMO.

Peach are very sensitive to wet feet, and planting in clay is fine if it’s not at a low spot, but never amend the soil, only layer on top.

Since it’s just 1 tree and relatively you probably want it to do it’s best, the raised bed would guarantee success.

But, don’t do anything until it goes dormant this fall. If you start messing with things now it will croak. You could in theory dig around it, just don’t do anything to where the roots are now - it will get very unhappy.


You need to mulch the top of the ground a good four inches thick. Clay can bake and dry out fast in the sun. You can go from to wet to too dry. I would do what Scott says and dig around it. I would put a little bit of compost in with the dirt and mix it up well then mulch so there is loose ground. Your yard looks hard like a brick. You want to keep the mulch away from the trunk too. Like Drew says too don’t fertilise it. Your roots need to grow. Fertilizing will make it grow too much without the roots.

Any suggestions for moving a fruit tree that leafed out? Couldn’t you dig up a large chunk of dirt and move that along with the tree and root ball? I’ve always rearranged trees in the winter months but am curious if it can be done shortly after the tree puts on growth.

So that’s not peach leaf curl? I only seen it a couple times. If it is, you should be fine, just spray copper next year.

You can move leafed-out trees but never try to move one that is unhealthy … it will promptly croak. Been there done that.

Even if the tree is healthy you need to be able to lift it up with the soil undisturbed, something that can be hard to do.