Peach Tree issue

Hi Seems like my peach tree (potted) is going through some issues.

Wondering if any of you can help.
Location is in Malta
The young leaves are turning yellow where as older leaves seem to be getting white specks. See pic attached.

Spider mites?The undersides of the leaves should have

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Unsure but more pics

Clearly spider mites. Wash with high pressure water every day. That will help some. There are various sprays some highly effective but not approved for fruit trees. Spider mites are a common problem in cannibas production. Check into what works for them.


What has worked for me is predatory mites. I used to get them really bad every year but after getting some last year the problem has been significantly less severe.

If that doesn’t work, and organic controls don’t help you can get a product like Forbid.

Yes, looks like spider mites. I have a bad infection on mine as well and looks exactly the same. At first I used pyrethrin which worked well but definitely burnt my leaves. Something I started using was Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap. You mix 1 tbsp in 1qt and spray it everywhere, especially under the leaves, and that seemed to kill the mites and not damage my fruit or the leaves. I have been doing this weekly and it’s been working well.

For those who have had these infections, does the peach tree recover? She’s looking real sad these days…

I would also add that you should start looking at your other plants near by. It’s very possible they are infected so just start spraying those. By the time you see the webbing the infection has already gotten bad. And the clarify, it’s 1tbsp of soap in 1 qt water. The soap has all sorts of oils in it that kill the mites. I’ve started spraying it on all the plants close to the peach tree. Mine is also potted and on a balcony with other fruit plants.

Thanks all for your help.
I do believe I got it a bit too late. The tree dropped most of the leaves. Hoping I can save it.
Will do a bit of spraying as suggested to the nearby plants as well.