Peach Tree not leafing out

I have three peach trees. Last year we did not have enough chill hours to produce fruit. This year 2 of my trees blossomed, and are very slow to leaf out. I have tiny fruit on the trees, but not enough leaves. Last year the same two trees did not leaf out until mid summer. Any help would be appriciated.

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If the trees are young the smart thing to do would be to remove every single fruit so it can use its energy on getting better stablished.

How old is the tree, and what are you doing for water and feeding?

I have a Florida King peach that was planted end of last summer, not a single leaf yet, absolutely nothing, doing a scratch test it shows green, doing the bendy test shows the branches flexible, I have 2 other Fl kings right near it that have all leafed out.

Its a head scratcher for sure

I am having the same problem with Nanaimo peach.