Peach Tree Pollination enhancement?

My son-in-law planted single Contender Peach recently (zone 6b, Kentucky). I told him Contender is self-fertile but he is wondering if it helpful to have another peach tree (either another Contender or another peach variety) next to His Contender would help increase pollination and fruit set?
(If 2 blooming peach trees attracted more bees than one, I guess it would).
Thanks for your experienced feedback!

You only need about 10% blooms for a crop, so if it’s actually labeled correctly and self fertile, I’d not be too concerned. (Just pray frosts don’t get them.)

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I agree w/ Blueberry. A true Contender (note it’s common for some big box stores to carry mislabeled stock) will set tons of fruit in all but the worst circumstances. This biggest problem with heavy setting trees like this is too much fruit set. It’s a tedious task to remove 80 or 90% of the fruit by hand.