Peach tree propagation

Here is a few photos of my attempt to propagate some peach trees, from seed to seedling to nursery bed, grafting and finally transplanted contendor peach tree in the orchard


Great job Derby. Do you have any idea what your germination rates are?

I’ve no way to tell for sure because we don’t keep track of how many pits we plant. If I had to guess I’d say about 50% germination here.

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Here’s another one for you.

I only do a few each year, not like you, grin.

I’ve got 5 more up in pots in the kitchen. Mine have some Father David’s Peach in them, from seeds from my sister-in-law. The seedling pictured is the mother.


I cracked out 86 pits. I lost a few to mold in the fridge, I think these were damaged when I cracked them. I started them in a couple of different batches. Lost a bunch of them in some plastic cell starter trays , I couldn’t control the water very well and they stayed too wet. I did better in peat pots. Lost more to rot when I set them out in a tray and they got swamped with rain. I planted about 25 inground when it was all said and done.

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