Peach Tree Ripening Issue

Have two peach trees that fruited for the first time last year. Both this year and last the fruit is small and never really ripens. This is my first time seeing this and thought it would go away after the first year. Anyone else had this problem?

Are you sure the grafts did not die and what you have are rootstocks producing poor quality fruit.


It’s the real tree. Plus it’s happening to two of them. I know first year some people have reported that, but this is the second.

Rootstock trees are real trees, too. I am not trying to be a smart arse here. It could happen to bare rooted and grafted trees.

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They were mail order bare root, so it could have happened before I got it. Their white peaches and last year they sort of ripened about two months late and were white.

For some reason brown rot does not touch them. Rot is horrible this year here.

It is fairly common to get rootstock trees from sloppy nurseries. I got a few of them myself. I agree it sounds like a rootstock tree.

Sounds like they are trash to me. Years ago I said I was going to sell every fruit that would grow here. Obviously before I knew about rot and PC. Close to 50 stone trees have been replaced with “easier” fruit and reduced to franken trees for myself. An expensive lesson. PC and Brown Rot are a devastating tag team.