Peach Tree Sources

I’m in the Raleigh NC (7b) area, and finally have gotten my orchard area prepared after moving in. I’ve just planted my pawpaws, so now looking to establish peaches. I know from Texas the work involved, and after extensive research from Scott’s updates and lists, I have a huge list of varieties I want!

The big problem is that, most of them are not available hardly anywhere, especially the best ones. It looks like planting seedlings and trading for budwood may be my only choice, but I do want to at least get a few varieties from a single source this year.

I’ve dealt with Bob Wells nursery before, and they seem to have a decent selection, so based on what they have, what would everyone suggest to me several varieties to get started? I would certainly get Indian Blood Cling for it’s uniqueness and hassle free.

I’d also like at least a single nectarine.

Tentatively my list is:

  1. Indian Blood Cling
  2. Carolina Belle
  3. Nectar
  4. Carolina Gold
  5. O’Henry
  6. Winblo

Wish they had Lady Nancy or Oldmixon Free or some of the better whites, and not sure what nectarine to get.


Nobody sells Old Mixon anymore. Bay Laurel nursery carries many, but they are done, they mail trees out at the latest the first week in March. They start leafing out at that time and they can’t refrigerate to keep dormant. Look at Adams, Grandpa’s has high postage but not bad if you have 3 or more trees. These two are in the Midwest and still have trees, well Adams sells out a day or two after it offers them on many. Call to see if they have any they say are out, or ones not listed.
Arctic Jay nectarine is great. Arctic Glo is high acid and red fleshed (still a white)
I think Jay has problems with spot and might not do well in the south, same with Glo, not sure? Some have done OK with these down south, some have not. I only have Glo, you can try scion next year, too late for scion now, buds are swelling. Some in zone 4 may still have some, any higher, probably not.
Not a lot of advice about nectarines as they are hard to grow. I went old school yellows (i already have 2 whites- glo and nectaplum). I got scion this year to Fantasia and Red Gold.
I’m sure many news ones rock too.

You’ll have to wait until next season, but check with Cumberland Valley Nursery and Vaughn Nursery. The prices, especially with CVN, are far far less than what you’d pay elsewhere.

Here is a CVN price list that is a couple of years old. Just because it isn’t listed, doesn’t mean they don’t carry it. You’ll have to call to confirm inventory. Ask for Nick.

More info on CVN here: Update on Cumberland Valley Nursery (CVN)

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Thanks guys, yeah I know I’m a little late for this year, hopefully next year I can fill out what I can’t get this season. Everything got a bit late on me just because of my home build, and issues with that. We also had some well system issues, but I think most are sorted out now.

I also got a decent sized chipper, so had to clear orchard space and chip up branches to make room for everything! I’ve got about 1/4 acre cleared to work with this year, but can always clear more as I have the time.

Vaughn Nursery was on my list for price, and Bay Laurel for some of the harder to find ones. But yes ran out of time on their seasons.

Trees of Antiquity can still ship you an Indian Blood Cling on Nemaguard or an O’Henry on Lovell this season.

If you’re comfortable with grafting, I would not worry about rare varieties that are unavailable. Get available trees established this year and then graft rare ones on them next year. For nectarines, Fantasia is a good option.

From what I’ve read- I would imagine Windblo and Carolina Gold are well-suited to your area. They get rave taste scores too. I added them both last year. I got them from CVN.

Boyer might still have O’Henry on Halford. Give them a call:

Why doesn’t Bay Laurel refrigerate their stock? It would make them so much more viable of a nursery for more northern areas.

The unit would be about 100 grand or more. I think if they produced the trees, they would, but they are retail only kinda nursery. All trees are from Dave Wilson or LE Cooke. Bet they order over 1000 trees. Business is probably good enough locally they feel it’s not worth the investment. Say if their sales is only 10% to the east, it would not be worth it. You also have to consider the energy cost too. Grow Organic only mails till January, so they are in the same boat. A much bigger operation too, probably twice as big as Bay Laurel. Grow Organic (their retail stores are called Peaceful Valley) As they sell supplies and seeds. They sell everything gardening. They have multiple locations and they also won’t shell out for a unit.

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Yet places like Boyer’s do it…

I wish both would, such an excellent selection of trees, a shame! I bought from Bay Laurel before, I was able to get the trees in ground. Still have them, will order again I’m sure.

Best trees I ever ordered were Bay Laurel, last one gave up the ghost last year. They did arrive having broken dormancy, and I had to sweat it out that first year.

I was apparently fortunate. I ordered six trees from Bay Laurel this year with the latest possible ship date (early March). They arrived looking good and fully dormant with no green anywhere on any buds. They’re just starting to show some green tips now (potted in a 55 degree garage.)

Wow if those are the best trees you ever ordered I can’t imagine what your other trees must look like!

Has O’Henry and Winblow in stock. They also have some of the NC Peaches - Challenger, China Pearl, etc.

Thank you this looks great!