Peach tree spray, I might miss petal fall due to travel

Hello peach tree growers. After a year of not seeing our grand kids, we will be gone for a week mid April for a visit. I might miss the first spray at petal fall. Looking back at photos of first blooms, they range from March 27 to as late as April 13. Last year we had petal drop was 14-15 days after first bloom. Petal drop is when most of the petals are off, and what few are left are wilted with dried out centers.

How critical is hitting petal fall? will I be OK if I’m 3-4 days late?
I can ask my son to spray but he is all organic…

It depends on how high is your pest pressure. (Mine is high). If your enemy #1 is plum curculio, it may depend on night time temperature, too. They usually emerge from soil in drove when night temp is over 60 F.

If you are away for a few days after petal fall but night time temp is still low, I think you will be all right.

If your son wants to go organic for you, he can spray Surround to repel PC and add Spinosad to kill moths.


Thank you for your feed back
The OFM have been my issues in the past. But last year not one single OFM hit, I kept up with the sprays though.
Is there a correlation to no damage last year to less pressure this year? : )