Peach trees! Help

Hi we moved into our house 3 years ago and there were 3 peach trees that were approximately 10-12 years old. Anyhow one of them has died and the other two look like they are as well I’m not sure if my husband trimmed to much… or what. We are unsure if we should cut the trees down of if there’s some way to revive them… also the grass that was all there died too I’m not rly sure how :sob: We sadly aren’t Gardner’s just don’t rly have the time and the previous owners had lots and lots of very unique plants along with peach trees that we have been flying kinda blind on how to maintain…I can provide more pictures of the trees if you need.

Edit to add. We like to save them if possible as we love peaches but are unsure on how to save them or if they are sadly a lost cause… I’ve tried adding more photos and it won’t allow me ? Anyone know why that be? THANKS in advance for any advice or help :slight_smile:

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You are likely to get different opinions based on people’s experience. For me, peaches’ productive years last about 10-15 years. Less if trees are not healthy.

I looked at the bases of your peach trees, they don’t look good. Will you be able to provide close up and clear pics of the bases of those trees, please?

If it were me, I would cut them down. Growing peach trees is not easy and not for those who want easy-to- care for fruit trees esp. if you live a humid climate.

What zone are you in WI?


We definitely do need more and better photos of the peach trees and I’m sure people will try to help. We’d like to see the trunk and where the trunk meets the ground. If there is damage there try to show it. A shot of the top, especially where the trunk branches out, would also help.Also, how confident are you about their age? While there are lots of peach trees older than 15, you are approaching what many people consider to be the late stages of life for an average peach tree, especially if if has any issues.

UPDATE: Just for the record, I promise I didn’t just repeat everything @mamuang said! ha. We were typing our responses at the same time and they turned out to be very similar! Great minds think alike, right Tippy? ha. BTW…I could barely see the bases…did you see a photo elsewhere or am I just blind?

UPDATE #2 : Tippy, I just realized that this is a high quality photo and I could click on it and see the base up close. And to the OP, what I see (and @mamuang too it seems) is just what I was looking for when I asked to see photos of where the trunk meets the ground…it doesn’t look good. I’d cut them and start over based on condition and age. But others here know more than me.


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We do th8nk alike :grin:

If Beth and her husband are not into orcharding, they should not start again with peach trees. Veggie garden is a piece of cake when compared to growing fruit trees, IMHO.

If you want to try growing fruit trees, spples and pears would be easier choice than peaches.

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Thank for your reply. How do I Add more photos?! Newbie.
Ya we aren’t the best Gardner’s lol bought the house and peach trees were a bonus. I know the previous owner said they bought them they were 7 years old and they planted them a few years prior to us moving in so there at least 12-15 years old I’d say. Unfortunately…

I can guarantree you that most home grown fully ripened peaches taste far better than store bought. Your peach trees look troubled, healthy-wise. However, if you want to save them, do like Kevin said, take pics of the trunk near the ground, the branches, etc. people can help you diagnose and save your trees ( at least for a while).

Peach trees grow fast and fruit in 2-3 years. Planting new ones won’t take long but you have to learn how to protect them against diseases and insects.

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How do you add photos… If we can save the trees we love to as they are yummy! But would just need advice on how to save them and keep it from happening again.

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After writing something,click on the 7th character in the top part of box,the upload button.It looks like a rectangle,with an arrow pointing up.
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It could be,that being new,the software may limit your amount of

So I added some above but it added the link hopefully this work this time here are 6 photos if you need more let me know thank you.


There’s another image below I can only do one at a time bc I’m a new user…

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