Peach Varieties - Information Needed

Does anyone know if any of the varieties on the following list have either;

Red/Deep red Pink (As Red Baron) Blossoms
Resistance to Canker
Not or Less Prone to Splitting


These are the varieties that strongly considering to give me a continuous harvest through mid July to early fall in 6b based on my July Prince Harvest time. Can anyone give their opinion based on personal experience? such as ability for blooms to resist cold, resist cracking, etc. In zone 6b is it possible to have an even earlier, or later variety harvest? Which would be definitely worth it to double order?

SpringPrince - 7/18
RubyPrince - 7/24
SurePrince - 8/4
Challenger - 8/11
Snow Giant - 8/19
Intrepid - 8/21
White Lady - 8/24
Galactica - 8/27
China Pearl - 9/5
AugustPrince - 9/14
Flame Prince - 9/23

I have grown some of those or grow other varieties in the same time slot. Lots of Peaches from Georgia and three from NC on your list. Better varieties for your climate may exist. If spring frosts are a problem, the peaches with the highest chill hours often fare the best.

Ruby Prince is a good clingstone but many split pits most years
I like Red Haven better than Challenger
Gala may be good alternate to Sureprince. I really like Gala
Fireprince and Winblo are superior peaches around Intrepid time
Sunprince is excellent peach around Augustprince time. I have never tried Augustprince
Flame Prince is good peach but flesh is much firmer so ripeness is hard to judge