Peach cobbler, my wife made this today, yum😋


She served it up with a little whipped topping. It is my favorite

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Yum! :peach: :peach:

Your wife and my daughter are on close to the same wavelength. We had blackberry/peach cobbler topped with homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert last night. Thanks to my daughter’s cooking and son’s blackberries and members here helping me to get some actual peaches instead of losing them to brown rot.


Dang! I gained 2 lbs just look’n at it! VERY nice!!!



You’re a lucky man!!

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I had three bowls, gonna have to do a lot of yard work this week to work it off😀

Yum!!! I will take some with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.


That would have been really good, she made a second cobbler from frozen strawberries , blueberries , and Nanking cherries. I had a bowl of that too.

How much do you weigh? LOL

More than I did this morning, that’s why I have a push mower instead of a rider!

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It looks sooo delicious! Can’t wait for my peaches to ripe, if squarials/ raccoons let me have some

I have trouble with squirrels too, but I was very diligent in my squirrel control this spring.

Holy cow, that looks so good! Your wife deserves some big-time appreciation!

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