Peaches - Bracketing Chill Hours?

This year I started replacing a number of older no longer productive peach trees around the large back yard. I live in western Louisiana along the zone 8b/9a line, based upon local former ag station and other chill hour records we tend to receive a highly variable number of chill hours over the last 12-15 years they have ranged from just over 500 (this year) to as high as 1,250 with 2-3 years either over 1,000 or under 600 out of the years I have data for. About half the years the chill hours fall in the 700-850 range. In order to hopefully avoid repeating the problem of all the peach trees dying out at once again, I plan to stagger replacement planting adding 1 or 2 more each year for the next few years. This being my first year working on replacements, I added 2 trees, a Harvester Peach needing an estimated 750 chill hours, and a La Feleciana at 550 chill hours.

Next year I hope to add one or two to fill in the gap on chill hours so, something in the 600 - 650 Chill hour range, preferably something to also spread out the harvest dates a little too. Also it may be nice to add a spread to the flavor profile, maybe a white peach. Does anyone have any good suggestions for my climate? Any new varieties that show promise? I am considering La White as a possibility

You may want to look into the white delight series from TX a and m. Also southern pearl is supposed to be good. A few to think about anyway.

You can check out lots of variety and the suggested zones from the link below for some idea. They sell a lot of Florida or Georgia peach variety with low chill hours. I’m 7B and I grow 650-1050 chill hour peaches.

Thanks for the info an link it gives me more to consider