Peaches (or nectarines?) drop

I bought this fruit tree from Lowe’s in Nov. 2019. Though the tree label said it was a nectarine tree, its fruit is more like a peach to me.

The tree trunk is about 2 inches in diameter now.

This year it had a total of 6 or 7 small peaches, but all dropped. This is the biggest and last one:

Do you think it is normal for the dropping? Is it a nectarine or a peach?

I live in middle of Texas, zone 8b.



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It is a peach. Mislabeled happened even with reputable nurseries.

Your peachlets got bug damage resulting in fruit drops.

Thank you, mamuang.
You are right!

Likely plum curculio.Here the info

Re. Sevin that the article recommend, is a new Sevin with Zeta cypermethrin as the main ingredient, not carbaryl. Imidan is not really for backyard growers. It has restrictions.

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