Pear blister mites advice

I need some advice. I sprayed a late winter dormant oil but see that some pear blister mites have gotten into leaves. It’s a mild case right now but it seems to be spreading. Next year I’ll make sure I also do a late fall spray too.

I’m trying to decide the best course of action. I’m picking off affected leaves and European pears are pretty much done with blooms. Should I do a post petal fall all seasons oil? I’ve done a foliar neem spray on pears before at the recommended rate and pretty much defoliated two trees. Id rather avoid that if possible.

I don’t have lime sulfur but I do have copper and can get some wettable sulfur as well as Indar. I’ve seen those recommended (why would fungicides work on mites?) I have some imidan and other bonide brand pest sprays. Sorry don’t remember which.

What do you recommend? I don’t feel comfortable just picking off leaves and waiting to see how it goes. I know the best time to prevent them has passed however. .

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This is the product I sprayed as the flower bud scales were separating, and I could begin to see the individual flowers.

All trees that were sprayed have no damage or only a couple leaves with damage. I did not have time to spray 3 trees and they have plenty of red dots on their newly emerging leaves right now.

The damage has been done now so it probably won’t do anything to try to treat them now. Leaves that emerge later in the season don’t seem to be affected at all even when I don’t spray.

Do you know if untreated leaves will affect fruit?

My fruit were fine last year. The trees continued to push healthy growth later in the season with no bites.
EDIT: I picked off the really ugly looking leaves because I’m OCD like that and didn’t want to look at them. There were plenty of leaves left with bites though.

I second the Sulfur(micronized),added to water and sprayed.When doing it,there were flowers and things worked out okay,on an Asian Pear.

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Thanks. I’m encouraged by your comments. I pick the leaves off too, except some are out of reach.

I’ll get the sulfur.