Pear branch swelling in middle of branch?

Pear branch swelling in middle of branch ? Branch is pencil size.
I know its quite normal for pear branches to swell at the tips known as bourse shoots. But I have not seen it half way down a branch. Its more cigar shaped as well.
Any ideas please or should I just prune it off.


@gray … that is odd… but i am no pear expert.

I looked up some pictures of that swelling that often happens at branch tips… your middle of the branch thing looks very similar.

It does not look unhealthy or off color or damaged…

The growth past that swell on the branch is normal and healthy looking ?

IDK but hopefully someone here does.
Good Luck.

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It’s neat looking and doesn’t appear diseased. I’d leave it and see what happens.

Maybe it ate too much spinach?

Joking aside, it looks pretty neat.

There’s partial resemblance to early fungal black knot, but AFAIK, that only applies to prunus.

It looks related to those bourse shoot things… something caused that hormone to trigger on a longer branch I would guess. I have never seen that personally.

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