Pear Buds are in shuck split - scion gathering time was over by the start of march

Scion gathering time is getting shorter and shorter every year in Kansas. If i was not able to grab it already its to late now. Grabbed some scions in cooler weather for a few people but many will wait until next year. Anyone else feel we lost a month? @39thparallel helped me out by getting scions from me to graft for a couple of people since i met up with him last week. Same as i am he was rushed since the weather changed our schedule. I suspect @TurkeyCreekTrees is also feeling the pressure of warmer weather. @Olpea your further south but are the peaches jumping the gun? @tonyOmahaz5 your a couple hours north are you facing the same issue?


The 70s degrees weather 2 weeks ago really move things along here.

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The buds are at are further ahead than I’d like. Leaf buds are starting to push. Most of the fruit buds are at green calyx.

Bloom on peaches looks to be early this year. Average first bloom for me is around the beginning of April. My guess is we will have first bloom this year within about a weeks time. Of course the earlier the bloom, the more risk there is the blooms will be frosted off.

We still haven’t got all our trees planted for this year. Still trying to get a pre-emergent down on everything. So much to do.

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In 6b, my ozark premier plum is in full bloom and my peaches are at pink, opening in a week Im guessing.

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Yea it was nice of Mother Nature to go from winter to spring, literally overnight!! We figured we had until roughly mid March to get the new walk in cooler up and running … wrong! I am so grateful I have an understanding woman in my life! With out her help I would have really been in a pickle. She helps me most of the time and it is a life saver even when she claims that I am doing all the hard lifting and doesnt feel like she is doing much.

Walk in cooler is up and running and the final trees were dug today. We have some orders put together already, but come Monday we will be full steam ahead putting orders together.

Are permanent mother trees of Chestnut, Dolgo and Trailman crabapples are any where from green tip to 1/4" green. Two varieties of apricot have buds that are heavily swelled.

I see there is a chance of snow on Saturday… go figure! LOL


You can tell your living in Kansas now but i do think our weather is a shade better than most of Nebraska. Omaha is the best weather hands down in Nebraska i think but @tonyOmahaz5 could likely better answer that.