Pear Disease ID Help

Can you help me ID what disease is going on with my pears? Is the first picture of a nutritional deficiency or insect damage? Is the second picture with large black end tips of the leaf sun scald? Is the 2nd one

What would you use to spray?

pear disease - sun scald Thanks!!

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I’m guessing Pear Psylla. control for these guys is best early. I spray oil a couple times before bus burst, then acetamiprid after (sp?) petal fall a couple times. Usually that does pretty well. Others use Surround early andf get good results. I have a bag of Surround but haven’t tried it yet. I guess fear of the unknown. Maybe a shot of malathion now mostly for revenge…?

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You might compare your tree symptoms with fire blight pics, and share them with your county extension agent. I read this on internet

Question: Why are the leaves on our pear tree turning brown and look as if they have been burned?

Answer: It sounds as though your pear tree has fire blight, a bacterial disease that makes the leaves look as though they have been burned and causes shoots to curl like a shepherd’s crook. Fire blight may also cause cankers to appear on the stems of host plants. The bacteria can be spread from one tree to another via insects, so it is necessary to treat the infected plant. Prune any infected parts about one foot below cankers, and disinfect tool after each cut. In addition, try spraying copper sulfate on the bud openings when the tree is dormant. If you plan to plan more pear trees, keep in mind that there are some varieites that are resistant to fire blight.”

It may be best to wait for dormancy to spray several times wit a fungicide like liquid copper or copper sulfate or other general purpose fungicide before you buds swell next spring.

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@wfwalton What are the pear varieties? That can shed light if they are blight sensitive varieties like Bartlett.

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I have one that looks the same. It is a harrow sweet on 333. There are also a couple Asian pears close doing the same thing. However, there are 25 other pear trees in the same area that look good. I’m hoping it is just stress from being so darn dry.

You need closer pictures of the shoot tip.
Fireblight generally travels from the young tender leaves down the shoot
The shoot will blacken as the disease progresses .
Some varieties are highly susceptible.
See if the affected tree is one of the most susceptible ones.
Disease prefers high temperatures and humidity.

Thanks. I know what fireblight looks like, which is is a complete wilting, blackening of the infected stem and leaves. This is more mottled. If sun scald, this means the tree cannot supply enough water to the leaves.