Pear disease ID

My Asian pear trees developed black leaf edge burn, is this fireblight? Checked web pictures, it seems not the same as fireblight.

That’s FB. You need to prune it out right away. I don’t know about your
area, but here in the Southeast, it appears that this going to be a FB year,
especially for pears.

Thanks, will do it. And spray for it.

How do you tell the difference between pear psylla and FB damage?

While it could be FB I wouldnt rule out environmental stress either. I get that same exact look on young pear leaves every spring following any hot and windy day. In my case that is far as it ever progresses and the leaves to follow always look healthy.

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That Looks like blossom blast not FB. There is not much you can do other than dormant sprays with copper and other bacteriacides.

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I found a sprout looking just like that yesterday. Never had FB here [before].