Pear Disease Identification Help

Hello, I am new to growing fruit and I appreciate this forum, it has been very helpful. Spring 2021 I planted a combo pear tree I bought from a local nursery. I think I have identified rust and Fabraea leaf spot, but I was looking at my pictures again tonight and realized there may be more going on. Are there any other diseases or insect damage you see in these pictures? I noticed some of the leaves appear to have been eaten, but I do not know what would cause that. My plan was to buy Mancozeb for the leaf spot and rust, but I figured I should determine if there is anything else going on first. I live in Michigan, zone 6a. I read on the Connecticut CAES website that fabraea leaf spot is hard to control. Is there hope for this tree? I have more pictures, but as a new user I am limited to 1, which is understandable. Thank you.


I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a pear without at least some leaf spot. In many cases the best remedy is to allow yourself to be unconcerned if the tree is otherwise doing well.

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