Pear Disease

Hi. I’m new here and appreciate the good help available here.
I am new to growing pears. From the pictures,

you can see the leaves and fruit covered in black spots. Is this pear scab or bacterial leaf spot or something else? Are the bumps on the pears, rust? THis is a Moonglow Pear tree, which is supposed to be disease resistant. I have 20 ft. away a Pineapple Pear that does not have this.

That looks like Pear scab to me.

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I moved your thread to the General Fruit Growing category as this is where people post about fruit so you will get more responses. Please put your location i.e. your state in your profile. Knowing a location helps people give you more accurate info pertaining to your climate.

Those looked like pear scab. Spray with fungicide is needed. The fungicide I use is called myclobutanil and the brandname I use is Immunox. I think judging from the size of your fruit, it may be too late to spray.

You can read up on pear scab and get ready for next year. Looking up info from your local university extension services is a way to go.

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