Pear Dormancy in my Greenhouse: 14 cultivars 2 Rootstock

OHxF 87 has broken dormancy

OHxF 97 is fully dormant

Pears began breaking dormancy/scale split about 3-4 weeks ago. My greenhouse is certainly the equivalent of somewhere like zone 9 I would suspect.

Abate Fetal


Citron de Carmes

Comte de Lamy (fully dormant)

Daisui Li (fully dormant)

Dan Bae


Marie Louise 1-bud has split scales of many

Marie Louise - all other buds are tight yet




Reddy Robin

Ubileen (fully dormant)


Well you’ve got them spurring up and flowering at a young age in those tubes. Great observations, Dax!

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I’d say that what I’ve seen here and then include both ‘Harrow Sweet’ & ‘Harrow Delight’ having bloomed in my orchard - after my neighbors Callery pears had finished blooming and all blooms were spent and no pollen on a single flower- which missed Harrow Delight and Harrow Sweet, that… Nijisseiki (I’ve seen it bloom two or three times) is the earliest and that Ayers was as Early as Nijisseiki to begin scale (bud) split to possibly bloom in time with Callery… I’ve only seen both of these in containers, blooming.

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