Pear fire blight?

I planted bareroot Chojuro pear tree in March.
The tree came with damage on the trunk. New leaves around the damaged area and below turn black and die . The leaves on the top of the tree look ok but some leaves have small black spots around the edge. One branch around the damaged area is starting to change color from dark dark green to light green.
Does this look and sound like fire blight?
The damaged area is less than 18 inches away from the grafted area.
If it is fire blight I just want to get rid of the tree.

That doesnt look like FB to me. But im not sure what it could be

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With such a small damage, the tree can heal fine. New, young leaves, around the damaged area probably was affected, wilted, turned black and fell off.

The leaves in the pic could be damaged by a number of things, sun scorched, strong wind, someone or something rubbed against them, etc. I don’t think it was fire blight.

Can you post a pic of the whole tree?

Conjuro can be susceptible to fire blight. Where is your location?