Pear for seattie

Hello Everyone,

We have a beautiful very large old house at tree but it’s fruit is not so great. So thinking of adding another smaller pear for eating. I have been eyeing “cascade@ on raintree. Was attracted by the description that it lasts a long time, tastes good etc. is this a good candidate date? I will be keeping it small by pruning a lot…


I think you have quite a few options

best-pears-western-pacific-northwest-2018(1).pdf (419.8 KB)

and this is an earlier list and discussion

you also have Joseph Postman’s Curator Choice list from when he was the curator for the Corvallis USDA pear collection
Curator’s Choice Pears 02-2012.pdf (232.9 KB)

also not on these lists are 2 pears developed at OSU, Paragon and Best Ever

it is always good to have options and lean on their experience

good luck


@rubus_chief , thank you so much! Thus is very helpful. Am reading them now.


yungen = paragon



per the Montanari paper (2020) where she did lineages on all the pears at Corvallis
Paragon (Yungen), Orcas, and Cascade are all sisters with the same parents

They are also all local to the PNW, so I think any of these would be a good choice, but you have a lot of choices besides these

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I am getting a cascade!! Thank you so much

Ferling rather excited.