Pear ID?

This is a large healthy old pear tree at least 60 years old. Probably planted in the 40s or 50s. On a farmstead in kansas.
What type you think it could be?
Very tall tree maybe 40 ft tall with about a foot thick base.
Fruit picked hard in Oct can be cooked immediately for pie or preserves or will soften in a few weeks to a month and get a yellowish color…
Very dependably productive compared to most fruits in this harsh climate where apricots never make it and peaches half the time, blooms fairly late and for a long time. 2018 was the first year in 10 that it got froze out by an april 19F late freeze.


Kieffer would be my guess. A few of the pears have a somewhat Orient shape but the tree form is more like the Kieffer.