Pear identification

Moved to this property about 3 years ago has two large pear trees. The other is kieffer or improved kieffer.

This is the first year the unknown one has flowers. Probably will have to wait till it fruits but anyone have ideas ?


Almost Looks more like an apple tree to me. I don’t see many pear blossoms that pink. It’s an odd growth habit too. For sure not Kieffer

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I highly value your opinion, I was bidding on your pear trees package on eBay lol

I’m young (26) and learning but don’t the purple anthers in the flower make it pear not apple. The tree is very tall and it has fruited on the top, it made 4 ugly pears that never became anything. I never really payed to much attention the tree was a lot thinner and I’ve been pruning just the dead stuff away and this year it looks the best it has but I just went out and found a weird red fungus on a new leaf cluster

This is more pictures of the tree I need identified

Wouldn’t Apple trees have yellow anthers in the flower

Pink pearl


The flowers on your top pics are pears. I have Harrow Sweet pear that has flowers that are quite pink (closed buds).

I think the issue you have with the leaves are pear blister mites, very common issue with pear leaves. You can look it up and compare.

If you’d like, you can prune your tree to bring the height down to a more manageable height and graft new varieties to those cut-off scaffolds. There are several threads here talking about doing so.

Glad to see a much younger forum member. Lot of us are no longer spring chicken :smile:


Nice Orchard Ladder! It’s clearly a pear. I just don’t see Pink at the “White Bud” stage on my pear trees but, most of my Euro Pears aren’t in production yet. Is it in the Shade a good part of the day? Identifying cultivars without seeing the fruit is difficult but @clarkinks might have a guess


Put up some pictures of the fruit when they are big … it is hard to identify apples or pears without the fruit.

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I plan on it, fingers crossed hoping to get some good pears to figure this out.

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Yes very nice pear buds cant wait to see the fruit!

More pictures