Pear in a Bottle

Anyone ever try successfully to grow a pear in a bottle, then make Poire eau de vie?


Fun! But I will demur- all I need is yet another whimsy sidetracking me!


Always want to try. Maybe, this year. But I don’t drink!,

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I’ve grown them in a bottle and then topped with store-bought brandy.
It looked great for a while but they started turning brown from the top-down.
They’ve been on a shelf in the cellar for a year. I haven’t the heart to toss them. Maybe they re drinkable?

They are.

What is the alcohol that usually goes into the bottle with the pear?

It becomes an ‘esu de vie’. I am guessing a grsin alcohol.

Mrs. G.,
Will you bottle your pear this year?

I might try one, but I hope my house sells!!!

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After a little research, the fruit itself is distilled twice to make the clear alcohol.

It’s a colorless brandy made from fruit. I absolutely love it, but I have found it virtually impossible to find in the US. I bring a bottle over whenever I visit family in Germany. In southern Germany it’s typically made with plums, raspberries, pears or apricots (any fruit other than grapes). I used to have a source for home-made small batch raspberry (Himbeergeist) that was to die for. My source, Willy Frank, died a decade ago but I will never forget his Himbee.

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Did you see this post?

You are right. The two best manufacturers are French and Swiss. The first is Poire William which you can find here, but the best is Wilhelmina from Switzerland. The Mirabelle is excellent as is the Framboise. Superb!

You need a very good copper still, and buckets of fruit.

That is great. Usually a Bartlett is grown in the bottle.