Pear leaf browning

I’ve noticed that my Seckel pear has developed some browned leaves in the past couple of weeks. My first thought was fire blight, but I thought that was supposed to hit earlier in the season. Pears are still pretty new to me, so my next internet search guess was pear psylla. Any ideas of what might be causing the leaf browning? I’m assuming it’s not too serious as the tree looks otherwise healthy. I want to plant it in ground (currently in a 15 gallon root pouch) in the near future.

I’ve got a few spots worse than that and have no idea what’s going on. In my case it’s not FB or psylla. I’ve had it before with no serious follow up indications.

My pears get some of that every year. Same thing I don’t know what causes it. I think it my just be some sun damage as it usually shows up after some stretches when the temp get up around 105. It doesn’t seem to do any long term damage at any rate.