Pear leaf problem

Anyone have any idea what is making the new leaves on my Shin Li Asian pear curl? Some also seem to have raised areas like blisters. The tree was planted last year.
I apologize for the pictures; I was having a hard time getting my phone to focus on the leaves.

A number of different things can cause new leaves to curl: too much fertilizer, not enough water, mites (pear blister mite), aphids, psyllids, midges, poor root system (is this a new bareroot tree just planted?) Based on the little blisters you’re seeing, I’m going with pear blister mite. Here is a link on how to manage PBM:


The tree was planted last year, so roots should be established. I only top dress with compost, no other fertilizer. No water issues this time of year. You know, I bought lime sulphur this spring but missed applying it, thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal anyway since the tree is so young. I guess I should try regular sulphur at this point. Thanks for taking a look at it! Any other suggestions are appreciated.

sulfur is a very important nutrient, as far as I know all fertilizers have it. At least the brand I use and the fertilizer I make they all their have sulfer in them.

The first year I had pear blister mites, I used only sulfur spray a few times during the growing season. The next year, I hit it with lime-sulfur right around bud break. It has been very effective when applying at the right time.

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Irby, pretty sure it’s pear blister mite, then. You haven’t over-fertilized it, water isn’t the issue, nor is lack of roots. And, the fact that you’re seeing what appear to be little blisters (pretty much a classic sign of PBM), I would put my money on that. You may have to live with it until next fall, when it is the recommended season to treat, with a delayed dormant oil. I have not had to deal with this issue, so hopefully our other pear experts will weigh in on diagnosis and treatment.

Patty S.

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That’s freeze damage, I’m going through the same thing here in SC after we dipped down in the teens a week or so ago. Google search pear tree freeze damage, then click images and you’ll see the same thing you are experiencing.

Any chance you sprayed 2/4D herbicide near the trees or your lawn?

Now that’s an interesting alternative that I will definitely look into. The leaves didn’t really start pushing until after the cold spell, but the blossoms were destroyed. Could’ve done some damage to leaves as well I suppose. Of course I’d rather it be freeze damage vs. PBM.

No, I haven’t sprayed any herbicides…don’t think my neighbor has but not sure.

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ideas on what is going on with this pear?

I did spray bonide’s fruit tree spray a couple weeks ago, but haven’t seen any insects in particular on this tree.

Thank you


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pear blister mites.