Pear Orchardist Trivia


Its early spring and out of many pears i produce there are a few that get sprayed with something this time of year. One of the types of pear trees that get sprayed are Clapps favorite so what am i spraying? Why am i spraying?

Cedar Rust Confirmation

Don’t keep us in suspense!


Im surprised noone has commented yet on this because i figured everyone was doing the same thing.


Not spraying yet but when I do at that stage it will be dormant oil.


Its not dormant oil


I only spray my pears, if I have FB that’s gotten out of hand.


OK, I’ll play. Blue color. Kocide for fire blight, blossom blast, etc.




Preventative fungicide spray for pear scab?


Blue liquid is copper as many of you said for fireblight prevention. Clapps favorite is 100% vulnerable to fireblight! Copper kills bacteria. As a side note it does work on blossom blast. Lets keep the trivia going!