Pear orchards 2023

Our Hood pear has dozens of marble-size fruit sets from the first bloom and now is showing off a typical sparse second bloom.

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That hood is a great pear in your climate. Wait until you try warren from your own tree! It is better than comice when it’s from your own yard! It is like tasting your first homegrown tomato after eating store bought. It is interesting our climates feel like they are worlds apart though we both can fortunately grow these excellent pears. Thanks to the hard work of those who came before us!


@clarkinks do you do any sprays?

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Only if i need to.

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Not a pear orchard here but just a lone Asian pear tree. The base variety is Shinseiki but grafted a few varieties on it - Chojuro, Hosui, Ya Li, Shinko, Drippin Honey and Korean Giant. Ya Li and Hosui were very productive last year but I see small fruitlets forming on all of them this year. Surprisingly, no sign of fireblight this year, even with all the rains and no spraying

I added @tonyOmahaz5’s fragrant pear and read Asian pear grafts this year and both are pushing through


Weather is risky this time of year

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