Pear order from Corvallis for 2022

Very thankful for the wonderful pear research program at Corvallis. Some of these scions are orders I made before for trees lost during extreme weather. We had a 70 mph wind recently that blew in smoke from a fire raging over a hundred miles away. People ask if we ever have fruit tree damage! Yes we do! Some of these pears I know nothing at all about them. My general rule is I make several backup grafts but even then the way the weather has been it hardly seems like enough. What are you ordering from Corvallis? I’m convinced someday Kansas will have a lot more pear orchards because of my research. The plan is always to get this scion wood or trees in the hands of everyone. One thing I do is when I prune I give @39thparallel and others scions of what I grow. It takes time to graft trees and grow them out so my advice start asap on your pear orchard research. There are many years of documented research on here of what worked for me and what didn’t.

Accession Name
PI 617563 Earlibrite
PI 654945 Bellissime d’Hiver
PI 131232 Pound
PI 255616 Napoleon
PI 312507 Summer Blood Birne
PI 541119 Aurora
PI 541158 Canal
PI 541168 Conference
PI 541170 Dawn
PI 541177 Doyenne Madame Levavasseur
PI 541184 Early Seckel
PI 541207 Highland
PI 541240 Patrick Barry
PI 541243 Pitmaston Duchess
PI 541989 Hau Kai
PI 541990 Huang Hsiang Sui Li
PI 617642 Turnball Giant
PI 637990 Endicott Pear
PI 657916 Daisui Li
PI 657929 Sauvignac

Try the Nanguo Li. Heard it’s very good. It’s from Northeast part of China.

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Thank you for the advice I will have to put it off until next year since the order has already been made.

Unfortunately Corvallis is restricting orders to 10 types of Scions per order. My updated list is as follows

PI 131232 CPYR 458 .001 PL Pound Pyrus communis
PI 255616 CPYR 410 .001 PL Napoleon Pyrus communis
PI 312507 CPYR 556 .001 PL Summer Blood Birne Pyrus communis
PI 541119 CPYR 25 .001 PL Aurora
Pyrus communis
PI 541170 CPYR 168 .001 PL Dawn Pyrus communis
PI 541207 CPYR 279 .002 PL Highland Pyrus communis
PI 541240 CPYR 446 .001 PL Patrick Barry
Pyrus communis
PI 617563 CPYR 2392 .001 PL Earlibrite
PI 657929 CPYR 2922 .001 PL Sauvignac Pyrus communis
PI 617642 CPYR 2573 .001 PL Turnball Giant
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I’d like to add more pears to my own small orchard here in Kansas. What are your top 5 for disease resistance and flavor? I have what I believe to be Kieffer (grafted off a very tough, productive tree in a vacant lot from Lord knows how long ago), but that’s it. I’m not as concerned with productivity or reliability. One crop every few years is fine by me.

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I hope they send you some wood. I tried putting an order in october but they sent it back cancelled.

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There are more than 5 but here is 7 : Warren, Harrow delight, Harrow sweet, Karl’s favorite, potomac, small yellow, ayers would be a great place to start. That’s a little of everything but if you want productivity + flavor + easy to grow that would be ayers, Harrow delight, Harrow sweet, potomac, Karl’s favorite. You could just as easily add in Maxine, Duchess d’ angoulme or many others and that’s just European pears.


They will send them but help is hard to get and things like shipping are not getting any cheaper. Covid has strained a lot of programs to the max they can handle. They have worked with me on scion wood for many years and know I’m growing for research. One time going to this website every pear grower knows what I’m about.

This is what they said

“We received your GRIN-Global order for Pyrus scion wood. We regret that our current budget and limited staff requires that we limit individuals to 10 items or less. This was a difficult decision for us because we know how important our genetic resources are for you. Please choose the ten accessions you would like us to send from the list below.”


Oh ok. Im glad theyre sending you some! :smiley: