Pear psylla control at this time of year

My dad is telling me he has been picking leaves off of some of this 2-3 year old pear trees that are turning black, mostly at the tips and in spots. From what I’ve seen of the trees, it doesn’t have the whole shoot is dead look of fireblight. I came across this thread: Psylla or Fireblight: and it looks like it probably is psylla damage.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to hit psylla now that we are well past dormant or delayed dormant? I was thinking Sevin, but it also seems it can damage the fruit and I know it thins for apples. We are probably still within 3 weeks of bloom here.

I have Surround, Bonide All Seasons Oil, and Sulfur in my toolbox (as well as spinosad, but I don’t imagine it is effective). What are my best options?

I had issues with pear psylla last year. I did my dormant oil sprays. I see something black dirt like on my pear leaves and it looks like pear psylla damage to me. See pics.

Can somebody confirm?
I thought dormant oil would take care of that.


One application of oil is not enough.

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Not just one. I’m following this schedule. But I didn’t expect to see the damage already.

Pear psylla control

  1. Spray before March 15.
  2. At bud burst
  3. Between green cluster and white bud stage
  4. Petal fall
  5. Mid June for second generation
  6. Mid to third July for third generation

It seems you have high pressure of pear psylla. Cornell recommended insecticide on top of oil and Surround. You may need more than just oil or an organic route.

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